Hump Day Wisdom: How Did You Spend Labor Day?

I can imagine the recently deceased George Carlin having a field day- “We honor labor by NOT working?  What’s up with that?”

Although I wrote on the importance of truly resting recently, Labor Day provides a great opportunity.  So, how DID you spend your day off?  Email?  Bookkeeping? Cleaning the office?  None of us in a 24/7 world have sufficient time for all of the things that we feel we must do.  Since it is a given that we will never see the bottom of the to-do list, the importance of rest and recharge is even more critical.  The research is clear that we are more grounded, make better decisions, are more productive and even kinder when we regularly leave the office behind.  And as leaders, the impact on the organization is resonant and thereby amplified.

Labor day is now gone.  If you lack the habit of actually taking your days off away from all work related activities, here is a great hump day suggestion.  Get out your calendar and mark the next 3 day weekend.  Make plans today for a trip to the woods, to the lake or to your favorite golf/ fishing/ tennis/ meditation/ cross stitch retreat.

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