Hump Day Wisdom: Stewardship


One of the leadership concepts that bears revisiting on a regular basis is the idea of stewardship.  Even if you own your company, you are a steward for much that you do not own.  Employees invest their time building careers at your company.  Customers and vendors invest time and money to establish a working relationship.  And whether or not you own the company, you are a steward for the power and authority you wield.

When there are difficult calls on the line, leaders often use questions that involve what someone else would think or do in their place to make the call.  In a time when many organizations are in difficult positions financially and looking tough times in the eye, stewardship becomes ever more important.
Are you a good steward of the trust, authority and resources which have been placed under your care?  What might you do differenly if you looked at them not as your own, but as items left in your care by another?

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