Kingly Virtues

I am in Bangkok this week working with the Asia Pacific leadership team for a client.  I came in a couple of days early to get over the jet lag and be a tourist.  But I found something I cannot resist posting here.  And since I missed my Friday PonderThis post to jet lag, here is a bit of eastern thought that I would not be out of place on any leaders’ desk.

Along with the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (it is actually jade) and the many other structures in the Grand Palace grounds is the Borom Phiman,  a guest house for visiting dignitaries.  Engraved in frescoes on the inside of the quadrangular grand dome are the Ten  Kingly Virtues to be observed by a monarch.  Although they may have their roots in the Vedic gods of India- they seem like pretty solid wisdom for any leader, anywhere and anytime.  Of course, with guys like the one below around- it would be easier to remember the virtues- whether you are King, EVP or department manager!

  • Givingimg_0067
  • Righteous Conduct
  • Personal Sacrifice
  • Honesty and Freedom from Pretense
  • Gentleness and Humility
  • Concentration of Effort
  • Freedom from Anger
  • Freedom from Malice
  • Patience
  • Avoidance of Wrongdoing

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