Playing a Bigger Game

Rosa Hilda Ramos did not set out to get rich, be an eco-warrior or change the world.  All she wanted was to enjoy her grandchildren and live in her dream house in Cataño, Puerto Rico. 

But what she learned about the environmental issues in her new neighborhood were more than she could ignore.  Fueled by her ability to see a new future for the region, and her unwillingness to let the status quo kill it, this 63 year old grandmother played a bigger game and forced needed changes in air quality in her home town.  Ramos was recognized with a 2008 Goldman Prize for her grassroots environmental heroism.  There is more information here on her story.

Probably the industry and utilities in San Juan would not share my admiration.  But even those who see global warming as a liberal myth have to grant that the conditions in Cataño were untenable.   In addition to enormous expense for compliance that local utilities had evidently ignored for years, they had to pay a sizable settlement. 

So, now those utilities have a choice.  They can play a bigger game themselves by understanding the impact that their actions have on their community and the world… or not.

What would happen if we all were willing to play a bigger game and did more than we planned or think we can.  What would happen to the organization you lead if you had Rosa Hilda Ramos’ ability to see a new future and dedication for making it happen?