Requesting Your Vote – Changing Organizational Change

I have written here in bits and pieces about frameworks for leading organizational change and had lots of feedback about putting it together into a single document.  Rather than a commercial white paper, I put a proposal to write a manifesto up at ChangeThis.  (Long time readers will remember that I published a manifesto there the last time we had a serious theme emerge- delegation and micromanagement.  This was back in the dark ages of a newsletter so some of you may not have been reading then.  That proposal resulted in a published manifesto:  Redeeming Sisyphus: Get out of Control! Get More Done!)

ChangeThis is an independent web publisher.  Their charter is to publish well supported “manifesto’s”, avoiding diatribe and the kind of polarizing vitriol that so often passes for public discourse. Many of the manifestos are by best selling authors who with to either test or pre-publish a book.  Michael Pollan, Seth Godin (who originated the idea for ChangeThis) and Stan Slap have published manifestos there.  But most are written by people like me, who have a supportable, provocative idea and a desire to tell the story.  Topics are far reaching and often a goldmine for fresh points of view.  I suggest that you include a regular stop or subscription at ChangeThis, (along with TED Talks) for thoughtful and provocative brain food.

A Request:
In order to be approved for publication, my proposal needs enough votes- so my request is that you go to the proposal page, and if you are so moved, vote for my proposed manifesto Changing Organizational Change.

Thanks for your consideration- and in any event I think you will find a worthwhile regular stop.