When the Expected Becomes Amazing

It is amazing how amazing it is when a company actually does a good job of something.  And if just doing what you are supposed to is amazing, then what would happen if  your performance was truly amazing?

After my Yosemite visit, I answered a web survey from Curry Village.  Knock me over with a feather, they actually answered me!  And it was an email from a human being!!  And he had actually read my responses and provided something more than “we are really sorry”!!!  And he even did not mask his identity so I could actually write back to him!!!!  The whole story is here on a blog entry at www.customerthink.com where I write occasionally.  But this has ramifications for leadership too.

If simply doing what our customers (peers, employees, staff and stockholders) expect us to do is exceptional, then imagine what would be possible in the way of reputation and profitability if leaders simply did not cut corners.  I do not want to turn this into a rant, but here is a similar post from Seth Godin’s blog.  It is not just me.

So- consider this.  What would happen at your business if you simply fulfilled, on a consistent basis, the brand promise your advertising makes?