Where Do You Go?

Every leader has that moment when the walls close in.  It can look like overwhelm, a situation so challenging that there appears to be no answer, exhaustion or simply that point that Dante described- a moment where the way forward is totally lost.  Effective leaders have a go-to plan for such moments.

For some it is a place.  For some a process or group of people.  I asked leaders I am coaching where they go when they are stuck.  Here is what a few of them had to say:

  • The SVP Marketing for a global manufacturing firm- “I try to explain it to my 10 year old.  Even if she does not understand, I have to get it simple enough to get to the core of the issue.”
  • A senior executive at a regional bank in Colorado goes “…rock climbing.  When I have ot focus that clearly on something physical, I get outside the problem and that can often help me find a new way in.”
  • The CEO of a tech services company has a personal board.  Long time trusted colleagues who are unattached to the decision.  “I know that talking it through with them will produce one new idea or thought to jump start the process.”

What about you?  What is your go-to place, group or process.  Where do you go to re-boot when all else fails?  The time to find out is before you are stuck.

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